CITS Tractor Mechanic Previous Year Question Paper

CITS Tractor Mechanic Previous Year Question Paper

CITS की परीक्षा के लिए Tractor Mechanic से संबंधित काफी महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं इसीलिए CITS परीक्षा की तैयारी करने वाले सभी उम्मीदवारों को Tractor Mechanic से संबंधित जानकारी होना बहुत ही जरूरी है. CITS की तैयारी करने के लिए हमारी वेबसाइट पर आपको ऑनलाइन फ्री टेस्ट दिए जाएंगे और इस परीक्षा के कुछ महत्वपूर्ण नोट्स प्रश्न उत्तर के रूप में दिए जाएंगे आज के इस पोस्ट में भी आपको CITS से संबंधित काफी महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न और उनके उत्तर नीचे दिए गए हैं जो कि पहले परीक्षाओं में पूछे जा चुके हैं लेकिन यहां पर हमने सभी प्रशन एक लाइन में दिए हैं ताकि है आपको आसानी से याद हो सके.

Q 1 : What is ABC in giving first aid?
A). Airway, Breathing and Circulation
B). Airway, Breathing and Circle
C). Airway, Breakfast and Circulation
D). None of these

Q 2: An important safety guideline that applies to cutting tools is-
A). Sharpen them twice a year.
B). Dip them in oil before using.
C). Keep them sharp always.
D). Dip them in water before using.

Q 3 : Compression loss in I.C engines occurs due to____________.
A). Leaking piston rings
B). Use of thick head gasket
C). Clogged air-inlet slots
D). Lack of engine oil

Q 4 : The engine valves are closed by________.
A). Cam shaft
B). Fuel injector
C). Valve spring
D). Rocker arm

Q 5 : Which of the following is advantage for aluminium alloy cylinder block over grey cast iron?
A). Density
B). Machinability
C). Coefficient of thermal expansion
D). Thermal conductivity

Q 6 : Bubbles of air in radiator is sign of _________ problem.
A). cracked block
B). blown head gasket
C). seized block
D). lack of engine oil

Q 7 : The turbocharger uses_________.
A). Engine energy
B). Energy of exhaust gases
C). Steam energy
D). Water energy from radiator

Q 8 : The most effective air cleaner in case diesel engines is-
A). Dry type air cleaner
B). Wet type air cleaner
C). Whirl type air cleaner
D). Oil bath type air cleaner

Q 9 : Which of the following component connects the exhaust port of the engine to the exhaust pipe?
A). Muffler
B). catalytic converter
C). exhaust manifold
D). Intake manifold

Q 10 : In an electronic fuel injection, the servicing is very_____.
A). Difficult
B). Easy
C). Nil
D). Cheaper

Q 11 : Mixing of fuel and air in case of petrol engine occurs in_________.
A). Injection pump
B). Injector
C). Inlet manifold
D). Carburettor

Q 12 : In a diesel engine, fuel and air mix together in the____________. \
A). combustion chamber
B). carburetor
C). injector
D). inlet port

Q 13 : When the fuel is supplied by the injection pump, it exerts sufficient force against the spring to lift
A). Nozzle valve
B). Throttle valve
C). Mechanical valve
D). Exhaust valve

Q 14 : In a diesel engine, the fuel is ignited by-
A). spark
B). injected fuel
C). heat resulting from compressing air that is supplied for combustion
D). ignition

Q 15 : On increasing the lubrication, the efficiency of the machine_________.
A). Increases
B). Decreases
C). Remain same
D). Does not get affected

Q 16 : The following type of Oil pump is used in Engine Lubrication system-
A). Gear type
B). Rotor type
C). Plunger type
D). All of these

Q 17 : In water cooling, the water in the jackets obtains heat from the cylinders due to-
A). Conduction
B). Convection
C). Radiation
D). None of these

Q 18 : The alkaline battery is used in ____________ duty commercial vehicles.
A). Heavy
B). Light
C). Large
D). None of these

Q 19 : Water is a poor electrolyte, so an acid is added to increase its conductivity, acid is________
A). hydrochloric acid
B). sulphuric acid
C). nitric acid
D). carbonic acid

Q 20 : A battery can be tested to ascertain its condition by which of the following tests?
A). Specific gravity test
B). Open Volt test
C). High discharge test
D). All of these

Q 21 : The term trickle charge is associated with_________.
A). Dry cell
B). Silver zinc battery
C). Lead acid battery
D). Nickel iron battery

Q 22 : Which of the following catalyst materials most commonly used?
A). Platinum
B). Palladium
C). Rhodium
D). All of these

Q 23 : The major pollutants emitted from the exhaust due to incomplete combustion are__________. \
A). Carbon monoxide
B). Hydrocarbons
C). Oxides of nitrogen
D). All of these

Q 24 : Euro and Bharat standards are the_____________ for motor vehicles.
A). Emission standards
B). Energy standards
C). Next generation engines
D). Speed limit

Q 25 : Which of the following system layout of tractor shown in figure given below?
A). Lighting system
B). Braking system
C). Cooling system
D). Power transmission system

Q 26 : Which of the following is not a part of headlight?
A). Battery
B). Bulb
C). Gasket
D). Reflector

Q 27 : In tractor tail light glass has half red and____________ colour.
A). Half yellow
B). Half blue
C). Half purple
D). Half black

Q 28 : Which one of the following part of horn produces sound ?
A). Diaphragm
B). Magnet
C). C.B. point
D). Armature

Q 29 : A two stroke cycle engine gives __________ mechanical efficiency than a four stroke cycle engine.
A). Lower
B). Higher
C). Same for same speed
D). Same for same torque

Q 30 : Which of the following sensor is used for measurement of mass flow rate?
A). Camshaft position sensor
B). Pressure sensor
C). Hot-wire sensors
D). Temperature sensor

Q 31 : The _____________ sensor, senses rotation of engine camshaft for speed and timing of
A). throttle position
B). manifold pressure
C). camshaft position
D). knock

Q 32 : What is the probable engine fault, If engine backfires?
A). Ignition timing is defective
B). Mixture ratio is incorrect
C). Engine is overheated
D). All of these

Q 33 : What is the function of fuel injection system?
A). Filter the fuel
B). Measure the correct quantity of fuel to be injected
C). Proper time the fuel injection
D). All of these

Q 34 : Which of the following is a Friction clutch?
A). Centrifugal clutch
B). Cone clutch
C). Disc clutch
D). All of these

Q 35 : Which of the following type of spring is employed in the pressure plate.
A). Coil springs
B). Diaphragm type conical spring
C). Both Coil springs and Diaphragm type conical spring
D). None of these

Q 36 : The following type of arrangement is used in synchromesh type gear box.
A). Single plate clutch
B). Fluid clutch
C). Semi-centrifugal clutch
D). Dog clutch

Q 37 : The sequence of gears and shafts through which the engine power transmitted to tractor wheel is
A). Differential
B). Gear system
C). Gear pump
D). Transmission

Q 38 : Lubricant used in gearbox is________.
A). SAE 30
B). SAE 60
C). SAE 90
D). SAE 70

Q 39 : Which of the following is not a part of differential assembly?
A). Crown wheel
B). Sun gear
C). Pinion
D). Universal joint

Q 40 : Which of the following pump is used in the tractor hydraulic ?
A). Internal gear pump
B). Gyrator gear pump
C). Vane type pump
D). All of these


Question ID Option No.
1 a
2 c
3 a
4 c
5 a
6 b
7 b
8 d
9 c
10 a
11 d
12 a
13 a
14 c
15 a
16 d
17 a
18 a
19 b
20 d
21 c
22 d
23 d
24 a
25 a
26 a
27 a
28 b
29 c
30 c
31 d
32 d
33 d
34 d
35 c
36 d
37 d
38 c
39 d
40 d

CITS परीक्षाओं की तैयारी करने वाले सभी उम्मीदवारों के लिए इस पोस्ट में Cti entrance exam model paper Tractor Mechanic pdf in hindi, Cti entrance exam model paper Tractor Mechanic pdf, Cti entrance exam book pdf in hindi, Cti previous year question paper Tractor Mechanic, Cits Tractor Mechanic previous year question paper pdf, से संबंधित काफी महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी दी गई है यह जानकारी फायदेमंद लगे तो अपने दोस्तों के साथ शेयर करें और इसके बारे में आप कुछ जानना यह पूछना चाहते हैं तो नीचे कमेंट करके अवश्य पूछे.

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