ITI Basic cosmetology MCQ – Hair Styling

ITI Basic cosmetology MCQ – Hair Styling

If you are preparing for iti Basic Cosmetology then in this post we are giving you a solved question paper of iti Basic Cosmetology. Which you can also solve yourself. You can improve your preparation. Along with this, the answers have been given. By which you will also get the correct answer for it.

What is the best way to comb the hair?
(A) By dividing them in section
(B) By brushing them irregularly
(C) By roughly brushing the scalp
(D) By focusing on the ends of the hair
Answer. By dividing them in section

The effective method of making pin curls is –
(A) tying with ribbon
(B) shaping
(C) pulling
(D) squeezing –

The temperature setting of iron rod depends upon –
(A) weather
(B) structure of hair
(C) colour of hair
(D) density
Answer. structure of hair

What is the other name of the thermal iron rod?
(A) Iron
(B) Tong
(C) Crimping
(D) Blow drying

Combing the hair with fingers using a lotion and giving them five shaped waves is known as –
(A) finger waving
(B) wet setting
(C) thermal curling
(D) thermal waving
Answer.finger waving

qq. The waving lotion used during finger waving, which is a type of a gel, is used to the hair.
(A) wet
(B) dry
(C) soften
(D) curl

Which of the following is used to set the hair?
(A) Hair spray
(B) Mousse
(C) Hair gel
(D) None of these
Answer. Hair spray

Which of the following should be used while washing the hair?
(A) Cream
(B) Lemon
(C) Vinegar
(D) Curd
Answer. Vinegar

What should be done if cold waving lotion accidentally gets into the eyes of the client?
(A) Wash the eyes with water
(B) Use lotion on the eyes
(C) Cover the eyes with clean pads
(D) Use some protective cream
Answer.Wash the eyes with water

Which of the following does not fall under the category of thermal process?
(A) Curling
(B) Crimping
(C) Blow drying
(D) Pin curling
Answer. Pin curling

Thermal process means setting the pattern of hair using –
(A) heat
(B) electricity
(C) roller
(D) none of these

Pin curl style falls under –
(A) thermal styling
(B) wet styling
(C) roller setting
(D) none of these
Answer. wet styling

Which roller is made of hard tube?
(A) Electric Roller
(B) Ribbon Roller
(C) Velcro Roller
(D) Magnetic Roller
Answer. Electric Roller

One can sleep with which of the following rollers?
(A) Magnetic Roller
(B) Velcro Roller
(C) Ribbon Roller
(D) Electric Roller
Answer. Ribbon Roller

In which of the following procedures no heat is required while curling?
(A) Crimping
(B) Tongs
(C) Blow drying
(D) Roller setting
Answer.Roller setting

. With the help of which artificial aid the hair can be shaped into a bun?
(A) Volumizer
(B) Hair extension
(C) Donut bun
(D) Puff maker
Answer. Donut bun

Volumizing mousse is used for –
(A) making puff
(B) making bun
(C) giving volume
(D) straightening volume

The short hair can be made to appear long by the help of which artificial aid –
(A) banana bumpit
(B) puff maker
(C) volumizer
(D) hair extension
Answer. hair extension

Which of the curling tongs are specially designed for the professionals –
(A) clipless curling tong
(B) marcel curling tong
(C) chrome tong
(D) spiral tong
Answer.marcel curling tong

qq. Which tong is recommended for the first time users?
(A) Gold or titanium tong
(B) Chrome tong
(C) Spring curling tong
(D) Clipless curling tong
Answer.Spring curling tong

qq. Which type of comb is used to detangle the hair?
(A) Small
(B) Big
(C) Thin toothed
(D) Wide toothed
Answer. Wide toothed

qq. Artificial aid is used to
(A) lengthen the short hair
(B) hide the baldness
(C) give the hair desired colour without colouring
(D) all of these
Answer.all of these

Which type of roller uses steam to roll the hair?
(A) Electric roller
(B) Velcro roller
(C) Steam roller
(D) Ribbon roller
Answer.Steam roller

Which of the following is used to reduce the frizziness of the hair?
(A) Shampoo
(B) Conditioner
(C) Anti-frizz serum
(D) Hair spray
Answer.Anti-frizz serum

If the barrel of the tong is wide the curls will be –
(A) small and tight
(B) small and loose
(C) big and tight
(D) big and loose
Answer.big and loose

If hair is dried by rubbing a towel then it may lead to –
(A) split ends
(B) lice
(C) dandruff
(D) dryness
Answer.split ends

Synthetic wig should not be in brought in contact with –
(A) air
(B) water
(C) heat
(D) all of these
Answer. heat

Literal meaning of ‘thermal is –
(A) cold
(B) hot
(C) wet
(D) dry

If blow dryer is used at the same place for a long duration of time then –
(A) hair will become straight
(B) hair will become curly
(C) hair will burn
(D) none of these
Answer. hair will burn

Which technique is used to make the hair curly and zig-zag?
(A) Crimping
(B) Blow drying
(C) Both A) and B)
(D) None of these

. Commonly, the density of hair is –
(A) 2200 hair per square inch
(B) 3200 hair per square inch
(C) 4200 hair per square inch
(D) 5200 hair per square inch
Answer.2200 hair per square inch

The best hairstyle for young girls is –
(A) five interlock
(B) flower bun
(C) four rolls
(D) french roll
Answer. french roll

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