ITI Basic cosmetology MCQ In English – Perming

ITI Basic cosmetology MCQ In English- Perming

If you are preparing for iti Basic Cosmetology then in this post we are giving you a solved question paper of iti Basic Cosmetology. Which you can also solve yourself. You can improve your preparation. Along with this, the answers have been given. By which you will also get the correct answer for it.
Perming is an art of hair.
(A) straightening
(B) curling
(C) volumizing
(D) none of these

उत्तर. curling

Perming is mainly used on hair.
(A) dense
(B) thick
(C) thin
(D) curly

उत्तर. thin

In ancient Egypt, people used to roll their hair on which of the following for perming?
(A) Wood
(B) Iron
(C) Steel
(D) Plastic


In semi-permanent type of waving process the curl of the hair remains for – weeks.
(A) 5-6
(B) 4-5
(C) 4-6
(D) 6-8


Hair is made up of series of –
(A) vitamin
(B) protein
(C) chemicals
(D) none of these


Side bond is of how many types?
(A) 3
(B) 2
(C) 4
(D) 5


Which of the following bonds can be easily broken by heat and water?
(A) Chemical side bonds
(B) Cross linking bond
(C) Physical side bond
(D) Hydrogen bond

उत्तर.Physical side bond

Chemical reaction is needed to break which of the following bonds?
(A) Physical side bond
(B) Salt bond
(C) Chemical side bond
(D) Hydrogen bond

उत्तर.Chemical side bond

Which is the weakest bond of hair?
(A) Chemical bond
(B) Physical bond
(C) Salt bond
(D) Hydrogen bond

उत्तर.Physical bond

Which is the strongest bond of hair?
(A) Chemical bond
(B) Physical bond
(C) Salt bond
(D) Hydrogen bond

उत्तर.Chemical bond

. Salt and hydrogen bonds fall under –
(A) chemical bond
(B) physical bond
(C) cysteine bond
(D) none of these

उत्तर.physical bond

Perming technique was used by a lady.
(A) Spanish
(B) Greek
(C) French
(D) German


The smallest rod used for perming is of which colour?
(A) Red
(B) Green
(C) Blue
(D) Yellow


Rod of which colour is also known as body wave rod?
(A) Pink
(B) Grey
(C) White
(D) Violet


To volumize the hair near scalp which perming technique is used?
(A) Stack perm
(B) Body perm
(C) Root perm
(D) Weave perm

उत्तर.Body perm

To prevent the skin from reaction of perming lotion which of the following product is used on hair line?
(A) Barrier cream
(B) Cold cream
(C) Moisturizer
(D) Toner

उत्तर.Barrier cream

Climazone is used on the hair to them.
(A) wet
(B) dry
(C) curl
(D) straighten


Which test is done to determine the condition of the scalp?
(A) Elasticity test
(B) Incompatibility test
(C) Porosity test
(D) None of these

उत्तर. Porosity test

Which test is done check the elasticity of the hair?
(A) Pre-perm test curl
(B) Elasticity test
(C) Porosity test
(D) None of these

उत्तर.Elasticity test

The technique in which the hair are curled leaving the upper portion –
(A) pin curl perm
(B) acid perm
(C) stack perm
(D) body perm

उत्तर. stack perm

A customer should wear before perming.
(A) gloves
(B) gown
(C) scarf
(D) none of these

उत्तर. gown

Comb should not be used on the scalp and hair before applying –
(A) henna
(B) perming lotion
(C) oil
(D) colour

उत्तर. perming lotion

What is used to roll the hair on perming rods?
(A) Tensioning strip
(B) Comb
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these

उत्तर.Tensioning strip

The initial test done before performing any hair process is called –
(A) colour test
(B) pre-perm test
(C) strand test
(D) none of these

उत्तर.strand test

While perming, the hair lose their –
(A) vitamin
(B) protein
(C) carbohydrate
(D) fat


Shampoo without should be chosen.
(A) phosphate
(B) sulfate
(C) magnesium
(D) all of these


One should undergo trimming after how many weeks of perming?
(A) Every week
(B) After 2 weeks
(C) After 4 weeks
(D) After 6 weeks

उत्तर.After 6 weeks

______should be used to dry the hair.
(A) Sun
(B) Dryer
(C) Towel
(D) None of these


is used in tepid perming.
(A) Calcium hydroxide
(B) Calcium oxide
(C) Calcium nitrate
(D) Sodium hydroxide

उत्तर.Calcium oxide

Perming the hair by acidic reaction is known as –
(A) basic perm
(B) acid perm
(C) stack perm
(D) spiral perm

उत्तर.acid perm

Short form of permanent waving is –
(A) perming
(B) drying
(C) dyeing
(D) none of these


Perming lotion should not be applied on –
(A) scalp
(B) on the hair
(C) both (A) and (B)
(D) none of these

उत्तर.none of these

Curl test should be done after minutes.
(A) 2
(B) 5
(C) 10
(D) 3


One should prevent washing hair at least after days of perming.
(A) 1
(B) 4
(C) 7
(D) 2


Perming beautifies –
(A) face
(B) personality
(C) hair
(D) all of these


Chemical side bond is also known as –
(A) disulfide bond
(B) sulfide bond
(C) sulfur bond
(D) none of these

उत्तर.disulfide bond

Perming in a salon takes at least –
(A) 3-4 hours
(B) 4-5 hours
(C) 1-2 hours
(D) 7-8 hours

उत्तर.4-5 hours

Chemical reaction is used in exothermic perming to produce –
(A) moisture
(B) heat
(C) texture
(D) curl


One of the important techniques to make pin curls –
(A) tying with ribbon
(B) shaping
(C) pulling
(D) squeezing


Three main parts of pin curls are –
(A) base, wave, circle
(B) base, curl, circle
(C) base, stem, circle
(D) base, circle, side view

उत्तर.base, stem, circle

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