ITI Basic cosmetology MCQ – Temporary Removal of superfluous Hair

ITI Basic cosmetology MCQ – Temporary Removal of superfluous Hair

If you are preparing for iti Basic Cosmetology then in this post we are giving you a solved question paper of iti Basic Cosmetology. Which you can also solve yourself. You can improve your preparation. Along with this, the answers have been given. By which you will also get the correct answer for it.

Which of the following factor(s) affects hair?
(A) High temperature
(B) Extreme cold
(C) Heavy sunshine
(D) All of these
Answer. All of these

Protects us from dust, garbage, small insects etc.
(A) Eyelids
(B) Clothes
(C) Water
(D) None of these
Answer. Eyelids

The development of hair in young age happens
(A) slowly
(B) not at all
(C) fast
(D) negligible
Answer. fast

The other name of the unwanted hair is –
(A) superfluous hair
(B) unwanted hair
(C) wanted hair
(D) hair with split ends
Answer. superfluous hair

Unwanted growth of hair in men and women is caused because of and
(A) testosterone, androgens
(B) androgens, testosterone
(C) both (A) and (B)
(D) none of these
Answer. testosterone, androgens

The condition of the development of unwanted hair in women is called
(A) superfluous hair
(B) unwanted hair
(C) hirusitism
(D) thyroid
Answer. hirusitism

Other factors for the development of superfluous hair are –
(A) genetics
(B) stress
(C) medicines
(D) all of these
Answer. all of these

Hair has how many important parts?
(A) 3
(B) 4
(C) 2
(D) 5
Answer. 2

Shaft is present the scalp.
(A) inside
(B) above
(C) in between
(D) outside
Answer. above

What is the name of the base of the hair follicle?
(A) Epidermis
(B) Dermis
(C) Papilla
(D) Cell
Answer. Papilla

Which of the following is the living part of hair?
(A) Cell
(B) Bulb
(C) Epidermis
(D) Dermis
Answer. Bulb

12 How many types of sheath cover the follicle?
(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 3
(D) 5
Answer. 2

Which of the following is produced from the sebaceous gland?
(A) Sebum
(B) Keratin
(C) Pigments
(D) Water
Answer. Sebum

Shaft has how many layers?
(A) 5
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4
Answer. 3

Which of the following is the middle layer of the shaft?
(A) Medulla
(B) Cortex
(C) Cuticle
(D) Keratin
Answer. Cortex

Pigment responsible for the colour of hair is found in –
(A) medulla and keratin
(B) cuticle and keratin
(C) keratin and medulla
(D) medulla and cortex
Answer. medulla and cortex

Hair growth cycle has how many parts?
(A) 4
(B) 3
(C) 6
(D) 5
Answer. 4

Which phase of growth cycle is known as growing phase?
(A) Catagen
(B) Anagen
(C) Exogen
(D) Telogen
Answer. Anagen

Which phase of growth cycle is known as transitional phase?
(A) Catagen
(B) Anagen
(C) Exogen
(D) Telogen
Answer. Catagen

Which phase of growth cycle is known as resting phase?
(A) Catagen
(B) Anagen
(C) Exogen
(D) Telogen
Answer. Telogen

Which phase of growth cycle is the extension of the resting phase?
(A) Catagen
(B) Anagen
(C) Exogen
(D) Telogen
Answer. Exogen

Tweezing is also known as –
(A) threading
(B) plucking
(C) waxing
(D) bleaching
Answer. plucking

In which of the following process only one hair is targeted at a time?
(A) Bleaching
(B) Waxing
(C) Electrolysis
(D) Threading
Answer. Electrolysis

Waxing is done in which direction?
(A) In the direction of hair growth
(B) In any direction
(C) In the direction opposite to that of hair growth
(D) None of these
Answer. In the direction opposite to that of hair growth

While waxing, a thin layer what is applied to reduce the pain?
(A) Shower gel
(B) Oil
(C) Powder
(D) None of these
Answer. Powder

How many weeks before laser, bleaching, waxing etc. should not be done?
(A) 1
(B) 3
(C) 2
(D) 5
Answer. 3

Epilator is held at an angle of –
(A) 60°
(B) 70°
(C) 90°
(D) 120°
Answer. 90°

Which of these procedures is done before waxing?
(A) Exfolation
(B) Bleaching
(C) Waxing
(D) Threading
Answer. Exfolation

Laser can be used with people who have complexion.
(A) light
(B) wheatish
(C) dark
(D) none of these
Answer. light

How many days after shaving does hair come back?
(A) 1-2
(B) 2-3
(C) 3-4
(D) 4-5
Answer. 2-3

Contradiction to depilatory waxing includes – INCVT 2015)
(A) dry skin
(B) bruised skin
(C) dehydrated skin
(D) oily skin and terminal hair Basic Cosmetology Theory
Answer. bruised skin

Equipment used while plucking
(A) thread
(B) tweezers
(C) wax
(D) cream
Answer. tweezers

What should be done after hair removal treatment?
(A) Steaming
(B) easuring
(C) Washing
(D) Face pack application
Answer. Washing

Waxing is done on –
(A) hands
(B) moles
(C) warts
(D) rashes
Answer. hands

Which test must be given before waxing?
(A) Allergy test
(B) Patch test
(C) Sugar test
(D) Thyroid test
Answer. Allergy test

What is the reason for using powder during hot wax treatment?
(A) To clean the area to be treated
(B) To avoid bruising the skin
(C) To close pores
(D) To lift hairs away from the skin
Answer. To lift hairs away from the skin

Choose the correct method to remove superfluous hair –
(A) bleaching
(B) epilatory method
(C) depilatory method
(D) electrolysis method
Answer. electrolysis method

Name the depilatories –
(A) waxing
(B) threading
(C) chemical depilatories
(D) razor
Answer. chemical depilatories

……… an epilation method of removal unwanted hair. [NCVT 2017] (A) Pumic stone
(B) Depilation cream
(C) Shaving
(D) Waxing
Answer. Waxing

Hot wax is particularly effective in removing – [NCVT 2017] (A) vellus hair
(B) terminal hair
(C) hamigo hair
(D) hair stubble
Answer. terminal hair

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